Thursday, July 17, 2008

Needlepoint Key Chain

I love to needlepoint. Many new companies are selling needlpoint belts and key fobs but I would rather do the needlepoint myself. It is often more expensive but you can personalize your item with colors or initials or special motifs. I made this key chain out of a dog collar. I did the needlepoint and then gave it to my needlepoint shop to have made into a key fob. My needlepoint was long enough to have two made. My daughter has the other one. So far I've showed flip flops and key fobs from needlepoint belts. Soon I'll show you the actual needlepoint belts I've made.


Kurt Taylor said...

I really love that key chain, where did you send it to be finished, I would love to start making needlepoint key chains with my own designs.

Anonymous said...

How did you get the keychain put together? I would love to make one for my brother

I would love your advice!

-Claire Marsh