Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This playground is going to be replaced this spring. I wanted a few pictures because this was my community project 15ish years ago. I petitioned the borought council to have the playground I found the sponsors, picked the equipment and dragged everyone into the project I knew. Lots of volunteers came and put it together. It was a big sucess at the time. Now it's out dated and in need of replacement. A new group of Mom's has taken up the crusade just as I did. I'm a little sad it's going but I am glad there are more Mom's to provide a fun place for all the kids. The community spirit here in town is one of the things that makes this town a great place to live in.

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Champagne Bubbles and Preppy Dreams said...

I am sad that the playground is going to go. You should feel honored that people think that it's important enough to replace. They aren't just getting rid of the equipment they are carrying on your crusade! That is pretty cool.