Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I had a great idea a month or two ago to make our friend Jim a belt for his 60th birthday. I want it to be special and have things on it that reflect the pastimes he enjoys. Good idea but fast forward to one week before the party. In fact now I have 4 days before the party. Between the icons you see there is about 24 inches to fill in. Clearly it's going to be given as a work in progress. It is just no where near as easy as I imagined and when that happens it's easy to put off. Believe it or not I'm trying hard to stop worrying and just start stitching. So tonight I think I'll do the bicycle and maybe the cow or the skier. One icon at a time until it's all filled up.


a friend to knit with said...

oh beth! that is such a LOVELY gift!!!
regardless of when it is completed he will be overwhelmed that you made him something!!

i SO have to make andrew a new one. (i have shelly working on one for charlie, yay!)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

That's a lot stitching! Go Beth Go! A very a thoughtful gift.

Larissa said...

What an awesome gift for a man! i have never seen this before - does it come in a kit? Love gifts with monograms - hand made and personalized at the same time. I'm with Leslie - he will love this even if it takes you longer to complete it!

Hillary Gwyn said...

Love the belt...Looks great. The W came out good.

LOVE the header. Great job!