Friday, September 24, 2010


I was headed this morning for lunch with friends and some crochet help when my car wouldn't start. Temporarily I had that frazzled feeling, whats wrong, how many million dollars is it going to cost etc... I walked down to the gas station to see what he thought the problem could be and realized a phone call would have done the trick but I think the time walking made me see what a blessing had come my way. Now there is no thinking what do I need to go and do, shop, drop off, pick up etc... Just home for a few days........ I sat down to tackle the next All Stitched Up project which was scaring me. My part was to crochet the star (of David?) on the top of the yarmulke. Why I thought I could do that is beyond me. After some research and experimenting I think I've got it. I hope the customer agrees. Now that I have conquered that - see that Martha Stewart magazine peaking out. I think I'll be taking it easy with the girls and read the magazine go for a walk or two and do a little painting this weekend. Maybe next week I'll tackle the car battery. For now I'm relaxing and enjoying my blessings.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Reading a magazine, stitching, hanging out with the girls -- it's all better than worrying about that car. Mine's got a funny little squeak going on, but I'm pretending I don't hear it. Maybe it will just go away -- you think?

Firefly said...

Staying home can be so wonderful, can't it? I sometimes don't leave the house for days at a time. Now that I'm not teaching anymore, I often wake up in the morning and think 'where do I have to go today; what do I have to do?'. It's such a blessing to realize there's often nothing I have to do & nowhere I have to go -- lovely ;-).
But, that said, I do hope your car is back in order soon -- just in case ;).

Kristyn Knits said...

I love that you found a blessing to focus on! and that car trouble gave you just the time you needed to conquer your project! enjoy your time without wheels.

jchjw said...

The star looks great!

Larissa said...

Love the kippah - your hand work is beautiful. So glad you found blessing in not having your car for a while. I love staying home but the kiddos need to driven around so much - even the school bus stop is pretty far from our house. Hope it's nothing (at least not anything expensive) and your car is back in order soon!

Firefly said...

Hi B!
Just dropping in to give you the link to the button loop tutorial --

I found it on Deb's blog, Homespun Living. a while back -- handy little thing, isn't it? I don't like sweaters that don't have a closure of some kind - always flopping around ;).


stitching under oaks said...

what a great refocus you did! you totally turned that problem into a blessing. enjoy your down time!

The WoodLand School said...

Sometimes those unexpected blessings are the most treasured ones. I hope your car is repaired quickly ... and without too much hassle.