Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Taste of Spring

Just like all of you I've been enjoying this extraordinary spring weather. Our beautiful magnolia in the back yard was perfect this week.

The garden was prepared and we planted peas on St. Patty's day. Hopefully I bought the right kind this year.
I have visions of shelling lots of peas in a month or two.

The Bradford pear out front was also perfect although a little smelly. I'm not sure how something so beautiful can smell so bad. Before I knew better I used to think my husband was letting a fish rot in the garbage.  Also I could rant about how the tree trimmers have made a mess of the tree
 and many others in our town.

One of the many jobs finished this week. I try to have a stash of these on hand for baby gifts. My daughter asked for one for a friend and now she'll have a stash on hand for gifts.

My girls have had a great week. Watching, greeting, running in and out. They loved every minute. I had a great week too and although it will be a little colder next week I'll just put on a sweater and continue to enjoy spring.


stitching under oaks said...

your girls look so sweet peeking out the door...I'll bet they enjoyed this spring weather. That trio of hats is too precious. How good to have a stash on hand. Enjoy your weekend. We're getting rain...but its okay because we really need it.

Gigi said...

Hi Beth,
So many pretty things blooming in your patch! Love the little baby hats -- so sweet. And those puppy faces - love!
Blessings Friend,