Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Changing it Up

 Here's my next quilt block. It is fun to take a break from the usual and sew a little. My business is expanding to a little curtain and pillow sewing. I like changing it up once in awhile.

Here's a real change. I'm filling in the bare spots of this rug. Someone was unable to finish it so I'm taking over. Much more time consuming
than I expected but very easy to do.
I'm having fun in the air conditioning working on all my crazy projects.

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Larissa said...

Is that latch hook? I used to do that while watching tv when i was 12 - and it does take forever.

I love how you are the fixer of so many forgotten wip's and how you breathe new life into these special pieces! Your work on the afghan in your last post is amazing.