Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Inauguration Part 2

We had a wonderful time at the inauguration . Our adventure started the night before with a walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. It was the most beautiful sunset glowing on the capital. We saw the reviewing stand and the White House. We had dinner at "Lincoln". A great restaurant staying true to our presidential theme.

The next morning we were up early. It wasn't hard to get to our assigned place considering all the people that were expected. Washington knows how to have big events.

Sadly our view had a tree in the way. But much more important than seeing was the feeling in the crowd and the friends that we made while we were waiting. We stood with a family from SanDiego, a couple from Jacksonville, and a mother and daughter from Miami. We talked about all kinds of issues and found great similarities. When the ceremony was all over we hugged and wished each other well. It was truly moving to me to have those friends and share this great event with them.

On our walk home we saw a much better view point of the capital. We have been thinking for days of the greatness of being there for the inauguration. What I can say is that I love the patriotism that this ceremony represents, that we are very fortunate to live in this country and that I feel privileged to have witnessed democracy in action.

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Larissa said...

How exciting! what a wonderful experience. Now you need to report on which clothes is the warmest.