Monday, August 18, 2008

Talents and Imperfections

I'm celebrating my "talents and imperfections". My quote of the week could not have been more appropriate for this week.

I finished the vest but it doesn't fit. I adjusted the length to my usual sweater length but the edging around the sleeves makes the vest shorter so it's way too short. I realized this at the same time that Michael Phelps was winning his 8th medal. My first inclination was never to knit again but after a conversation with a good knitter I realized that reknitting it is not a problem. I won't need to wear the vest for at least a month. I know exactly what's wrong and I have enough yarn to fix it. So tonight I start over. I hope the third post on this vest is the charm. I think knitting is full of failures and success and you just have to hope for more success.

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