Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas ? Cactus

This is my just after Halloween, almost made it to Thanksgiving, Christmas Cactus. Hillary would correct this statement because it is her Christmas Cactus. She rescued this sad tiny Christmas Cactus at a plant sale back in second grade (more than 15 years ago) and knew that someday it would be a great plant. Indeed she was right ! I need to keep my wits about me and in the fall take it away from the window for a few weeks to stall the blooming. In 2009 maybe it will be a Christmas Cactus again. In the meanwhile it's great to enjoy whatever holiday it blooms for.


Daniela said...

You cannot believe... but I have the same cactus!!! And I am waiting the bloom of its flower bud!! You will see pics in my blog very soon!!

a friend to knit with said...

wow! i can't believe that you have had that for so long!!!
i bought one the other day. $2.50. i thought it was an amazing price for one year of greenery. i would be elated if it last until next Christmas!