Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blank Slate

Usually I show things I've finished. This is about the new beginnings of some fun projects.

Tuesday was a lovely warm spring day so we got some work done in the yard. Getting ready for planting and a more festive look than winter. Joe made the wreath out of some grapevine that he pulled off the fence in the back yard. Now it just need a little decoration. The tall topiary is a lantana that I have been training for the last few years. It's beautiful but very messy inside while it was wintering over. I planted sweet pea seeds and will make something for them to climb on when they get going.
Last year one of our neighbors put this plant stand out on the curb. I just dragged it right across the street to the curb. Turns out it's a great find it fits right under the laundry room window. Now I'll try to find enough pots to fill it up and have fun. I'm having fun thinking about what I'll plant.

So I have some fun things to day dream about while I'm waiting for the next warm day.


wayside wanderer said...

Love the shot of your gate. Isn't this time of year so full of possibility?

Gigi said...

Looks like lovely things will soon be blooming in your world. Love the thrifted plant stand - good job!

Larissa said...

oh I love your beautiful blank slate! our yard is already overcome with tons of weeds - not blank at all! Your lantana topiary is wonderful - does it have the yellow/orange flowers? your plant stand would be perfect for various small pots of herbs. Have a wonderful weekend!

Kristyn Knits said...

I love blank slates! Oh the possibilities!! Can't wait to see everything in full bloom.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

It looks like Spring has come to your backyard. That gate of yours is absolutely lovely.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. Gardening, knitting, and stitching. What could be better?? I like this "before" shot. It will be fun to watch for the "after'