Monday, April 4, 2011

A List of Finished Projects

I needed cookies this week to keep me going! These are peanut butter cookies. The recipe is from my old Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. I found this week without cookies I ate a bunch of junk. Once I made the cookies, one or two here or there made me happy.
I knit this entire sweater for a customer but the prettiest part was this flower. Sublime has been adorning their patterns with many easy to knit flowers. It was fun.
On this sweater I only did the border but what a beautiful crocheted border. It made a simple sweater great. I also think this border would be fun on a baby blanket. The pattern is from,/ .Its called "Heirloom Stitches" This was a fun project. I needlepointed the face. It was hard because it was a lot of very pale colors, very close in shade. I've been working on this for some time. While I was needlepointing it you couldn't really see how well it was going to turn out. When I finished I just thought it was amazing.

I've been having fun with my All Stitched Up projects. I think the best part of my business is to be able to work on all these fun crafts that I could never afford to do myself.


Gigi said...

Oh yummmm! I love peanut butter cookies -- my fave I think. And all your finished work looks so perfect & beautiful. The puppy face looks a little like my Bud ;).
p.s. I'm about to CO the Aidez cardigan (on Rav), but it's knitted flat and seamed -- scares me, you know! I may be calling you for help . . . again ;).

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

That needlepoint looks like a fine work of art! It's beautiful. And that border on the sweater definitely makes all the difference. It looks like you've been busy.

Kristyn Knits said...

LOVE all your projects! Look how busy you are blessing others!! You have all the hand stitching talents mastered. Thanks for sharing all your work projects with us.

jchjw said...

The crocheted border on that baby sweater looks fabulous! So sweet!

stitching under oaks said...

oh my goodness. that doggie looks just like my molly (when we brush her hair!) I love the flower on the sweater and that crocheted edging is the perfect finishing touch. I just checked a library book out that combines knitting and crochet. I've marked at least 6 projects in in that I want to try.

The WoodLand School said...

Super-neat projects you have been completing! I'm in the middle of a flower obsession ... this one on the sweater makes me giddy :-)

Larissa said...

Oh, the sweater you knit with the flower is wonderful. And i just Love the doggie needlepoint. We've baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for the past three weeks - i think a batch of peanut butter is definitely in order. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work - your finishing touches truly transform the pieces.