Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One Little Misstep

I have another Grandmother Afghan to put together from my knitting group. This time there was no color requested so it turned into a free for all. Everyone did what they wanted. We expected that nothing would be bad and indeed we were right. I have been working on setting it up so I can sew it together and have had many options. I landed on the top design but had one more idea to try. I tried it and it wasn't even worth a photo so I went to put it back together and the bottom design came up. 
I love the bottom choice.
 It's funny how one little misstep pulled it all together.


Gigi said...

I know I whatever you've chosen is the best & it will be perfect!

Larissa said...

Great composition! Since you're doing the hard part - putting all these squares together - do you get to keep it!? Your home is just lovely. I don't have any plants in my home but yours brighten the rooms so that I'm inspired to go out and get some too.

stitching under oaks said...

Looks putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I love all the colors. Like a rainbow