Thursday, January 17, 2013


I keep forgetting to post about my exciting news. My walking partner and I are going to Washington for the inauguration. We entered the lottery for tickets from our local congressman and won two tickets. We have been in training. Lots of walks and hiking in all kinds of weather. We have been testing our clothes for the warmest combination. We've just plain been having fun thinking about the day.
I just read an article in the Washington Post about how it is a wonderful example of our democracy. I totally agree.


Sheila said...

If you see a marching band from Minnesota....they will be performing Yankee Doodle daughter is playing the clarinet. ;). They play and sing.
They are the only band chosen from Minnesota....they leave today and those 127 kids are pretty excited. In our small is a huge honor...which the band held at the last inauguration also. $78,000 in donations were given, so the kids do not have any expenses awesome is that!

stitching under oaks said...

You'll be 40 minutes from me!!!! How fun for you and your friend....take lots of pictures of the two of you and your view.